Definitely on My Shopping List – Hunter Boots

One of about million things on my mind as I prepare to leave for London is definitely the weather. Anyone with common sense knows it rains a whole lot over there, and because I didn’t have enough room in my suitcase, I threw out my Urban Outfitters rainboots before leaving Boston. Mistake? Well… When you already have 10 or so boxes stored with your friends and bringing 4 bags on the plane, if you can’t exactly fit those heavy rubbery boots in your bag, you give up – especially when the left one has a hole.

I tried to see if any weather website had the capacity to predict what the weather is going to be this January through March. Obviously, I didn’t succeed too much there, BUT I did find these thanks to website.

This is the annual temperature pattern for London. Hovering just above 32 Fahrenheit, I think if I survived the horrible blizzard and wind in Boston in the past two years, I might do a little better in London. And more importantly, rainfall

Yup, definitely will need a new pair of rainboots there. So as I was gently placing my old pair in the trash, I decided I will invest in a nice pair as soon as I cross the pond, and this is what I have in mind: Hunter Boots.

I heard some great things about them from friends. A bit pricey, but I think worth it. Hopefully in 3 weeks or so, you can see me actually sporting this pair of green Hunters, roaming around the winding streets of London. Any other suggestions for amazing rainboots are obviously always welcome!


One thought on “Definitely on My Shopping List – Hunter Boots

  1. devonmaloney says:

    EBAY, EBAY, EBAY. just check the shipping costs; sometimes they can make a $40 pair of hunters become an $80 pair of hunters. not that that happened to me, or anything…


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