Super Quick Update – HELLO, LONDON!

6 January 2010 at 7 a.m., I landed in London to actually stay here for the next four months! Since the RA training has been ALL I’ve been doing, I will just give some bulletpoints of things that have happened so far and update more in detail later – Sorry! But I promise, I will upload lots and lots of pictures and stories after this weekend.

1. Surprisingly nice British people! Seriously, I’ve found so far that the majority of British people I’ve met are super friendly. Props for them.

2. Endless hours of RA training: absolutely miserable. When I’m mega jetlagged and exhausted, sitting in a room hearing about rules, fire alarms, culture shock, transportation etc. isn’t exactly fun… But I’m learning a lot and can’t wait for everyone to arrive on Sunday!

3. Gorgeous South Kensington buildings: pictures to come soon!

4. Comedy Store: very much like Boston’s Improv Asylum. Although some jokes are very very inappropriate, still funny and the venue is a great atmosphere for friends.

5. Gloucester Arms: the greatest fish and chips thus far. YUM.

I will write so much more later! Safe travels to everyone coming this weekend and to everyone who’s going back to Boston soon!


One thought on “Super Quick Update – HELLO, LONDON!

  1. Cait F. says:

    Hi Yoojin– Just a tip- my favourite fish and chips are in Covent Garden at a place called Rock N’ Sole. If you take the Tube to Covent Garden and go toward the Royal Opera House on Longacre, you can turn left on Endell St and walk about 6 minutes down. It’s small, and it’s not very atmospheric…but it’s quite famous and greasy good.

    Hope you’re having a blast!

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