FREE cover Wednesdays @ Notting Hill Arts Club

I just explained one of the main reasons why we all love going to Notting Hill on WednesdaysFree cover. Usually, if you are trying to hit up this dance club/bar on weekend nights, you would have to pay anywhere from £5 to 10. On Wednesdays, however, it is free!

We first discovered this small, semi-grungy, semi-hipster, semi-basement-like venue all thanks to Michael Oliver. The infamous M.O. is our student affairs director, and he recommended we ALL go check out Notting Hill as soon as we can. And we did. And we fell in LOVE.

See? Pure joy and love.

The drinks are fairly affordable although I wouldn’t say mad cheap. But alas, strawberry cider (£4) is irresistable. The bartenders are  nice. At times though the bar gets way too crowded and you have to wait quite a bit for your drinks. I believe, however, one of them now knows Garrett? Hmm…

And there’s the music… Oh man, where shall I begin?

Lady Gaga (Standard… duh. Roma romama Gaga ooh lala), MGMT (Bros…), Johnny Cash (Yussss), Hot Chip (Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it…), Miley Cyrus (Really? But even then, love), Elvis (I’m serious), British bands I don’t know (Still good), Katy Perry (Once again, standard?), Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, etc. etc. etc. I can go on for years.

As you can see, it isn’t just the house music, or just the pop music, or just the techno. It’s got a great variety!

Honestly, I’m usually not the type to pay a once-a-week visit to hard-core mega-overwhelming dance clubs. Fist pumping all night long wtih some crazy, almost eurotrash peeps to some techno music isn’t exactly my scene. Chilling at a pub with a few drinks is cool, but sometimes, a girls gotta dance!

Notting Hill fits in right in the center of that club spectrum – great dance music, but not too insane, not too big, oh, yes you can fist pump and a section with couches and tables where you can relax for a bit.

All in all, Notting Hill Arts Club, we give you thumbs-up!


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