Little Perks of Being HOME

Until I became a proud college student at Boston University, I always called Plano, Texas my beloved home. In the past few years, however, sadly my definition of “home” changed a little bit. Now I call Boston, Massachusetts my home while secretly missing my life back in London, England. Confused much???

Fact: In the past three years, I’ve packed and unpacked my entire life SEVEN times. Fact: I may or may not love Boston just a little more than Plano. Fact: Still, home sweet home, I do enjoy coming home for many reasons.

1. Home-cooked meal: Duh, my mom’s cooking is the best. Some wonderful dishes on my “Welcome Home” menu include Jambalaya Pasta, Kimchi Fried Rice, Chicken Wings, Chicken Fried Steak, Japanese Noodle and Sushi. DELICIOUS. In fact, I shall post some of the recipes I learned from my mom later. Her jambalaya is seriously the best.

2. High school friends: While it is extremely difficult to coordinate our schedules – especially because we all go to different colleges, my friends and I do try to have a semi-annual get-together every major holiday, and so far, we’ve been extremely successful. We gossip about our high school acquaintances, past boyfriends, current boyfriends, newest trends and much more. We are usually the loudest group in a restaurant, but who cares? We love catching up and reminiscing about our “younger” and “less mature” days and just cherishing our friendship.

3. TEX-MEX: I’m not sure if I need to say anything about this… Basically, FANTASTIC Tex-Mex, Need I say more? Texas boasts some amazing restaurants that serve possibly the best burrito, fajitas and quesadillas. Qdoba and Chipotle, YOU ARE NOTHING. How about Papasitos in Dallas or Mi Cocina in Frisco or Luna de Noche in Plano? YUM.

4. The weather: Sure Texas has unpredictable thunderstorms and tornadoes once in a while, but with every building equipped with high-quality air-conditioning, 90 degree dry heat is surprisingly welcoming. Texas heat > humidity in Boston.

5. Driving and everything that comes with it – Nemo, no traffic, nice wide roads: My car Nemo, a 2006 Toyota Matrix, has spent so much time with me since my senior year in high school. Now my little brother who recently acquired a driver’s license thinks he can drive Nemo around… Yikes! But Nemo is ALWAYS mine. 🙂

Ah lovely home. In less than 10 hours, I’m hopping on a plane back to my second home, Boston. I am very excited to see all my friends, but I will of course miss Texas!

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