Grad Present? Plz?

I’m serious. Everyone can pitch in and get me a tiny little Rottweiler puppy that will grow into a 30 lbs of joy within 4-6 weeks next May (Ehem… Graduation…), and I’ll be the happiest girl alive.

Ever since my parents brought home two 2-month-old Rottweiler puppies about a decade ago, I have been in love with those supposedly scary dogs. Once you get to hold one and live with one, or two, however, you’ll soon realize Rottweilers are simply full of love, loyalty and selflessness.

Unfortunately, my little Tori and Ari had to be sent away since they totally grew out of my family’s small suburban home. But I’m still holding out for a puppy or two of my own sometime in the future – of course when I’m NO LONGER moving every 6 months from one dorm to another and am making tons and tons of money so I can buy them all the fun treats.

In the meantime, I do spend quite a bit of my free time looking at (stalking?) cute puppy photos online. Lucky me, I stumbed upon this website called the Daily Puppy to which dog owners can submit pictures of their loved ones and shelters can post “adopt me” bulletins.

In the past, I have always picked Rottweilers as my only favorite breed. Now, I’ve finally opened up to other breeds just as wonderful and cuddly, and here are my favorites!

BORDER COLLIE: Just plain adorable. They have extremely cute faces and fluffy tails. Aw!

GOLDEN RETRIEVER: Does “Air Bud” bring childhood memories back? That awesome dog that can play football, basketball and even baseball? Yeah, that’s one talented Golden Retriever. Though they shed A LOT, they are probably children’s favorites. Big, yet loving and protective.

HUSKIES: Some say they look scary, but if you look closely into their eyes, you’ll see two different colored bright eyes staring right back at you with love! Quite honestly, I didn’t start loving huskies until I met Jack’s puppy, half Husky, half German Shepherd. Huskies are also extremely loyal, and as hunting dogs, they do sometimes bring you presents, aka kills… Yikes. But regardless, it’s all out of love!

BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG: You know those freakishly huge dogs? Yes, they are Bernese Mountain Dogs. Gorgeous color, thick fur, huge paws. They are basically guard/farm dogs that can herd sheep.

PUG: My question is, how can you not love all those wrinkles??? Huh? You have no heart…

I can’t finish this post without a special shout-out to ROTTWEILERS: They can be fierce, but only to strangers. They are adorable, friendly, faithful, protective and welcoming.

Also fun fact of the day: did you know Poodles are one of the smartest dogs out there? With all that colorful and sometimes weird styled hair that make you question the owner’s sanity, you would never imagine…

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