iPhone vs. BlackBerry

If you’re an avid smartphone user, we all know, at point or another, you sat down in front of your computer, looked up every single technology-related blog and contemplated, “iPhone? Or BlackBerry?

 (Photo Courtesy of another WordPress blogger, theophilusLondon)

Yes, Yes. It IS a tough decision – probably the trickiest decision EVER. Since BlackBerry Pearl, BB has been around a bit longer, but thanks to Apple’s wonderful reputation and my personal obsession with my MacBook Pro, iPhone is just as desirable.

Last month, due to my BB Pearl’s unexpected death – more precisely, battery gave out, I found myself in the midst of confusion, anxiety, nervousness and indecisiveness.

Do I take this chance to upgrade to iPhone? Or do I stick with BB?

Let’s skip to the end: I upgraded to… dun dun dun… BLACKBERRY CURVE, and I love it.

Why in the world did I stick with BlackBerry? Well… for many reasons.

1. I’m never leaving the Family Plan: Hello, I’m currently NOT paying for my phone, and because my family has been with Verizon for such a long time, I received my BB Curve fo’FREE. Additionally, we get 20% discount on accessories – yes, I already decked my phone out with a screen protector and a cover.

2. I do love BBM’ing: iPhone doesn’t have “IPM,” does it? Only BB has its own messaging tool. With the unlimited data plan that I already have, messaging my friends is easy, fast and free.

3. BB has Apps, too: While I do envy my friends who have the coolest games and one of those “shake the phone to decide where you want to eat” apps, my BB has allowed me to download plenty of decent apps. So far I have downloaded news apps (TIME & AP), food apps (Poynt – a lot like Yelp, Flixster – moves, Groceries & SparkRecipes) and other tools (tip calculator & games). They do just what I need them to do, and I’m perfectly content with them.

4. Touch screen still freaks me out: Maybe “freaks me out” isn’t exactly the phrase I need here, but it’s a similar idea. Gross finger prints, oil from your skin, residue, etc. Yuck! Plus, I like buttons on BB.

5. Even though BB is not an Apple product, it still syncs without a problem with my computer: I would have sprinted to the Apple store and picked up the new iPhone 4G, but that’s not the case. BB loves MacBook Pro just as much as I do.

6. Verizon tends to get better service than AT&T: I may be taking this debate to Verizon vs. AT&T level, but regardless, in my experience, my BB’s reception even in the woods of Maine is stellar.

7. TrackPAD not TrackBALL: The new Curve comes with a touch-pad, not the cute little ball, which makes it easier to scroll through web pages and to actually click without rolling the cursor to who-knows-where. Moreover, only a small portion of the phone suffers from fingerprints, not the entire screen. One downside? Much harder to play Brick Breaker. (Grrrrrrrr).

8. Sentimental Value: I’ve had a BB since freshman year in college. After spending almost three years together, it’s tough to separate myself from my lovely phone.

Now I have a 2-year contract on my BB. Do I still get a bit jealous when people walk around with the 4G? Yes. Does that mean I’ll abandon my BB that easily? Nope.

2 thoughts on “iPhone vs. BlackBerry

  1. Tiffany says:

    i’m trying to make the same decision. i’ve had a blackberry and the only downside was breaking the trackball which wouldn’t be a problem nooowww. but the iphone does so much more! but i hate touchscreens. AHHH, decisions!

  2. rachel says:

    I’m with you! I hate the (exclusively) touch screen, plus BBM is actually a huge factor – and I do love my BB! Now that Verizon’s getting the iPhone in January it’ll be pretty interesting to see how that impacts BB sales, though…

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