MOUTHWATERING! Cheap Eats in Boston – From

My, my goodness. All these look delicious!

If you know me well enough, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE food. Don’t care about the calories. Don’t care about the fat percentage. Don’t care about the carbs. I just like to eat tasty food, savor the moment and find fun recipes.

Well, lucky me. While surfing the web this morning, I stumbled upon this slideshow on the Boston Globe website: Cheap Eats in Boston.

Yes. Yes. Yes!

I’m definitely checking out these places:

Genki Ya: They have a location in Brookline, not just in Cambridge!

Kowloon: I’m not an adventurous eater, but I actually might want to try this place.

Benevento’s: Shocked to find a North End restaurant on this list. Nevertheless, this pizza looks absolutely delicious.

Garlic ‘N Lemons:I really need to explore Allston-area restaurants more fully. There are so many hidden gems all along Harvard Ave. Also, kebabs and shawarma. My go-to late-night snack of choice. I miss them.

Posto: More pizza. I’m there.

The Talk: Looks like an Italian restaurant. Needless to say, I love everything Italian.

The Snug: A pint of Guinness and a steak pie. Definitely brings back good Dublin memories. Can I just confess here really quickly, Irish accents might be more amusing and more wonderful than British accents.

House of Kebob: I mean… Duh. It’s a house of kebabs? Oh man.

Parish Cafe South End: Anything patio cafe belongs to my “good” list.

Piattini Cafe and Gelateria: OMG GELATO. I consumed lots lots and lots of gelato in Italy. Seriously, to my heart’s content. And I think I’m now ready to search for great gelato in Boston.

City Girl Cafe: Is that… Scrambled eggs on baguette? It’s sooo pretty!

Ducali Pizzeria and Bar: Another North End restaurant on the list of cheap eats? Once again, very surprised.

Nourish: Two words, JUMBO WINGS. Sold.

Via Lago Cafe: The usual suspects on the kids menu… mac & cheese and pasta. Call me silly, but once again, sold. Oh I suppose the creative dinner menu for adults will be great, too.

Now, who wants to sample these dishes?

(Thank you Boston Globe for putting this list together)

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