Exactly a Year Ago…

August 2, 2010. Exactly one year ago, I received possibly the most devastating news EVER. Now as I look back on what happened, I realize how precious and valuable each and every friend I have are.

August 2, 2009. I remember I decided to go home for a bit since I had been giving campus tours twice a day in the extreme Boston heat and had not taken any time off at all. I knew I wanted to spend my 21st birthday in Boston, so I went home to good ol’ TX during the first week of August.

First few days consisted of the typical “home” itinerary: eat Mexican food, go shopping with mom and grandma, eat A LOT of home-cooked meals, watch TV, buy shoes. You know the drill.

Then with about three days left in Plano, one of my best friends from high school texted me. “Please pray for Ted. He had been in an accident.”



I went to bed wondering what in the world had happened. The next morning, I woke up to another text message. “He didn’t make it. He passed.


Just like that, I lost one of my best friends.

Ted donated his organs and saved many lives, including that of a small child.

He taught everyone he knew how to be a good friend.

I miss him dearly because as my guy-bestest-friend-who-wears-cowboy-hats, I could talk to him about everything, and he listened and knew exactly what to say.

I miss his huge smile, his bear hugs and his lovely Oklahoma/Texas accent.

And it’s already been a year. Wow.

So Ted, Teddy Bear, my best friend, here’s to you. Rest in peace.

(Yeah, we were M&M’s for Halloween. So what? Freshmen year, was it? Oh man. I’m old.)

(Sophomore year trip to Boston & New York where I decided I was going to college in Boston.)

(I believe this was our senior year in HS. We both look a little more normal than in previous pics.)

(Right before we all left for college. Reunion Tower dessert. Yum.)

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