Alfredo + Pesto = Om..Nom..Nom

One simple and easy way to make the ordinary pasta dish extra special:

Mix 2 part Alfredo sauce and 1 part Pesto and toss with cooked pasta! (Chicken Optional)

For all you visual people out there, let’s make this even simpler…

+ +

First disclaimer, I picked Classico only because Google Image provided me with a nice picture of Classico jars on the first page, therefore I did not have to browse many pages.

Second, this is an extremely simple recipe. Sorry I’m not sorry if you already knew about this. I’m just reiterating how amazing the combination of alfredo and pesto can be.

I first discovered the pasta toss with this special mixture, pepper, peas and chicken at my friend’s place. Ever since then, I always stir in a bit of pesto into my alfredo sauce every time I make pasta, which, let’s be real, is every other day.

For pasta lovers, it’s a fun way to make your spaghetti, farfalle or rotini a bit more flavorful. Not to mention, an adventurous segway from traditional marinara.

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