Parents Weren't Joking… Look Both Ways Before Crossing

My mom used to tell me ALL the time, look both ways before crossing.

No matter how many times I have run to the store across the street for a bag of chips, a distant shout of “Remember, look both ways before you cross! Green light doesn’t mean anything. Look both ways!” never failed to echo down the street multiple times.

And I know, for a fact, my mom isn’t the only mom out there who nagged her children like this.

We all have heard it, and we are all too good at letting it escape out the other ear.

Unfortunately sometimes we need sad reminders to remember, looking both ways, something as simple as that, can cost us our lives.

In October alone, two separate incidents concerning pedestrian safety made news.

One accident on Commonwealth Avenue left a Boston University sophomore injured. The other on MBTA’s T track left one alum dead.

Of course these two accidents are different in that the girl on Commonwealth Ave. was rushing to her class and according to the reports, the BU alum may have been intoxicated when he was hit.

They are, however, in a way exactly the same in that both victims neglected to pause before walking out on to the road / T-track.

I understand I myself am guilty as well. Sometimes I take too long to straighten my hair in the morning or I am just having too much fun with friends making that long walk back home on a weekend night.

Regardless, bottom line, we should ALL be careful no matter what time of the day…


Daily Free Press article about the T victim.

BU today article about the Comm. Ave. accident.

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