My Christmas Wish List

Yes, I’m 22 years old and I still make my holiday wish list. What’s wrong with that?

Christmas is truly the happiest time of the year. With Frosty the Snowman out by the front door and Christmas tree blocking the hallway, in fact, the entire month of December (minus the finals stress) makes me giggle like a little girl.

So just in time for finishing my final paper about how the Great War transformed the relationship between the government and the media, here is my Christmas 2010 Wish List.

Professional Laptop Carrying Case / Over-the-Shoulder Bag

As a student reporter, I frequently attend important gatherings and interview professors, store owners, commuters, etc. But unfortunately for me, I often go from internship to job to interviews to class to B-Roll shoots without any break, which means I have to bring my precious laptop everywhere. Fine, one little MacBook won’t hurt my shoulder, but its carrying case that has my sorority letters big and proud sometimes makes my role as a student reporter a bit difficult. Sad but true, the fact that I am still a student sometimes causes people to pre-judge me as an immature college kiddo, and having my lovely ADPi bag on top of that doesn’t exactly help my cause. As much as I love me some Alpha Delta Pi, I would love love love to get a new handbag (professional, clean, classy) that fits my computer.

Michael Kors


This is an easy one. This semester I had to dress business casual 4 out of 5 weekdays, and if I had a package to shoot or decided to go into WBZ on weekends, more of those suit pants and nice tops. Blazer makes things easy for women. You can throw on a simple tank top, wear black pants and put on a nice blazer. Adorned with a necklace, voila, you have a business casual outfit right there.

Ann Taylor

Brown Boots


For the love of God, WHY is it so difficult to find flattering brown boots that don’t make you look like you’re ready to go hunting?


Warm – Fleece, Leather, Cotton, Whatever It Takes – Gloves

Today marked the first day in Boston that sent super strong wind chills down the spine. Uh oh… I am NOT ready for the cold, yet. Regardless, I need a nice pair of thick, warm gloves.

North Face

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