Obsessed with: Vera Bradley Lunch Tote

I’m starting this new “Obsessed with” short feature. It’s my attempt at keeping this blog more me and more alive.

This week, I am obsessed with my lunch tote from Vera Bradley. Before you dismiss lunch bags as something you grew out of 20 years ago, take a look.

I wanted to pick an evergreen pattern. Vera Bradley offers many gorgeous blue-based patterns, but I thought they were too summer-y. Especially on this island, when the wind blows at 40 mph and the trees all bare, happy blue and yellow quilt wouldn’t belong. Of course I didn’t want something too winter-y either, so here’s the happy medium. What do you think?

And inside – do excuse my unpolished nails, full-time plus hostessing life doesn’t offer too much free time – I can fit my water bottle, cookies, sandwich and fruit snacks. I can fit a couple of Ziploc containers as well if I bring leftover pasta or rice for lunch. Often, I bring both lunch and dinner if I have to go straight to Chowder Co. for hostessing from the Times, so the spacious compartment is crucial.

All my food in one cute bag AND save the planet by not using plastic bags. I think that’s a winning combo.

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