A Splash of Color

Oh helloooooo!

It’s been a while…

So why not make my first post after a long hiatus about my favorite topic, clothes?

Many people know already I love shopping. Of course I do not have a reserve pot of gold to spend on clothes, but I do my best to bargain shop and keep up with the trend.

The latest trend I noticed… skinny colorful pants.

I was at first very, very, very hesitant to try them on. Why? Well, as you can imagine, going bright is always tricky, and when you bring that brightness to pants… to skinny pants… it gets even trickier.

But I was inspired after seeing this:

Former Kate Middleton, now known as Duchess of Cambridge, rocked red skinny denim at a field hockey game. And she looked fabulous! So why not? Give it a try.

I found these cords at Loft. On sale, not skinny, but straight legs.

I knew the light pink pair would be a great addition to my closet because one of my friends had bought them the last time we went on a shopping spree in Boston.

Then I decided to be a little more bold and try different colors. Sadly in my size, my options were limited to green and magenta.

Not going to lie… magenta – deep pink-ish purple-ish – didn’t quite look right. Perhaps a little too bright. But emerald green surprised me! Who knew you could wear green pants after St. Patrick’s Day?

Now my next challenge is finding tops that would match my new pants. Obviously dark colors for the light pink pair… but I’m also thinking faint yellow for emerald green could work too.




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