My diet for the 3 days in Brussels = Waffles and Chocolate

On Sunday, I experienced the “Chunnel” for the first time. Chunnel = Tunnel + English Channel = Eurostar to continental Europe =My journey to Brussels, Belgium. As part of my European Business class (IP 405), we hopped on the train to go check out the capital of Europe. Really, not a big deal. πŸ˜‰

This was my first weekend trip since I arrived in London, so needless to say, I was extremely excited. Not that I’ve run out of things to do in London, but the thought of escaping the cloudy, dreary, misty weather for three days seemed appealing.

Eurostar, the train with particularly comfortable seats, travels at 208 miles per hour, thereby reducing the travel time to only 1 hour and 25 minutes to Brussels and 2 hours and 30 minutes to Paris. The only time I’ve been to Brussels in the past was when I stopped by for about 3 hours while driving from Paris to Amsterdam. So spending 3 days this time was definitely a different, more fun and exciting experience.

When we arrived Sunday evening, I was at first disappointed to find everything closed at 7 p.m. Apparently, stores in Brussels like to close early on Sundays. We ended up rushing to the first restaurant we saw (The Cheesecake Cafe) for a quick dinner. After all, we were all starving. After a wonderful burger and a milkshake (YUM) we went on an adventure.

Brussels is a fairly small city. In fact, you can see everything you need to in less than a day. We got a Belgian waffle, obviously, and experienced a super-smokey Irish pub. Yes, an Irish pub in the middle of Brussels. With live bands. Walking out of the pub with my sweater reeking of cigarette smoke isn’t exactly my favorite activity, but I enjoyed hanging out for a few hours and listening to live bands.

Monday was filled with “educational” sessions at NATO and the European Parliament, and we ended the day at Delirium. Oh, Delirium. This place carries over 1,000 kinds of beer – their beer menu is a binder. Between about 6 of us, we had just about everything from cactus beer to honey beer. Definitely a must-see if you’re planning on visiting Brussels. That is the website! Check it out!

And here are the pictures:

-Waffle #1!

-European Parliament

-Waffle #2! Obviously…

-Oh, and did I mention we acquire a DAS BOOT??? Really, NBD πŸ˜‰

-And the last waffle of the weekend. Miss the waffles. Oh man.

Overall, what a great trip! My mouth still waters when I think about those waffles and loads of Belgian chocolates. πŸ™‚


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