A Tribute to… None Other than Hing Loon :)

Located at 25 Lisle Street, Hing Loon has quickly become our favorite Chinese restaurant in London. It all started with us lazying around in our flat one random day, thinking “Where can we get some sweet-and-sour chicken?” Trust me, after going a month or so without my regualr dose of some orange chicken, the craving for Chinese food only gets worse.

So, Christina, Gabby, Jack and I adventured out to China Town (in Leicester Square) one night, with high hopes of finding some affordable AWESOME Chinese food. Well, honestly, we would have settled for any sort of sweet-and-sour, but alas, lucky us, we stumbled upon Hing Loon.

We passed by a few restaurants on our way to Hing Loon (we had no idea what we were about to discover, obviously).  Too expensive. Too fancy. Too crowded. Oh, and we also passed a very interesting club called the Ku Bar. No, not interested in half naked men, thanks. Chinese food > Ku Bar.

We then approached the window of Hing Loon. Not too crowded. We see an empty table. Price? £3.75 for fried rice? £4.00 sweet-and-sour chicken? Oh man, we found the perfect place! For all four of us, after ordering two bottles of wine, four appetizers and four dishes, the total came out to £65. Amazing.

Ever since then, we went back twice (I would say once a week…) and further discovered Hing Loon’s aromatic crispy duck with hoisin sauce (thanks to Garrett) and wonderful shredded beef. Absolute favorite!!!

Alright, done talking about food, seeing that I still have about 5 hours left at internship and dinner time won’t be till around 7:30 p.m. today. Yikes.

http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/reviews/9310.html Check out the TimeOut review. It’s wonderful.


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