Say What? – Things the British People Say…

Even though we speak the same language, Englishjust in case you were wondering? – some things the British people say just boggle my mind. While their accents, especially on cute boys, sweep me off my feet right then and there, some things they say, I have to look at them, do a double-take, tilt my head and say, WHAT? In fact, when I first started working at my internship, etv media group, I managed to understand only about 90% of conversations taking place among my coworkers.

After four months in London though, I did finally pick up some slang. While I don’t exactly drop these in my everyday sentences, when I hear them, I will understand them and respond appropriately… Instead of saying, say whaaaaaaaa?

First off, absolutely everything is BRILLIANT. The color of that dress is brilliant. The weather is brilliant. My weekend was brilliant. Everything I do for my boss gets a response, brilliant. I’m almost at a point where I forget what I used to say to express, “That is brilliant!” Great? Good? Awesome? Hmm… Almost doesn’t sound as good as Brilliant, does it?

Also on a side note, it can also be fantastic, or you’re a superstar!!!

Have you seen my new BROLLY? Your new what? I got it from the Ideal Home Show. It’s brilliant! What Bianca was talking about here was her new umbrella, and you know what, it was mega-adorable. The black tall umbrella had bows and sparkles everywhere. Not sure about its practicality especially in Boston, but I seriously want one as well.

You alright? I don’t know why, but you don’t say “How are you” or “How’s it going” as part of your greetings. You say… You alright?

Nicked means stolen. At one of our RA meetings, we seriously had a long discussion about who might have nicked a box of cous cous and a bottle of ketchup. Yes, totally serious.

So pissed is equivalent to so drunk. Probably one of my favorite sayings. At the first company party I attended, my lovely boss said to me, “I’m so sorry babe, I’m so pissed but hope you had a great time!” Hilarious.

Having a slash… to pee. Could you ever have guessed? Me neither.

Snogging. We all know this from Harry Potter. Ron hates it when Ginny goes around snogging her boyfriend.

Bloody hell!!! Yes, people really say this! I was surprised too. It’s not just the cute lil’ red head Ron who says it all the time. Bloody can in fact be added to just about anything as an effective adjective.

Bugger! Kinda like… Sh*t! Or F**k! Makes me giggle a little when I hear this. It’s just funny.

Chips vs. Crisps Oh man, oh man… Simply, Chips = Fries and Crisps = Potato Chips. So so so confusing at first, but according to Jack, this makes more sense. Fries look more like wood chips. Potato chips are crispy. So duhhhh!”

“Ladies! Follow the fag!!!” WHAT? Fag is another word for a cigarette. Clearly, we use this word totally differently in the US. In England, however, fag simply refers to a cig you’re holding in your hand. The quote comes from a lady whom we encountered on our way back from Avenue Q, the funniest musical I have seen so far. 8 p.m. Wednesday evening in Soho obviously means extremely crowded streets. In order to make sure her friends were behind her, she simply shouted, “Ladies, just follow the fag!”

Taking a mickey out of Garrett is my favorite hobby. Just kidding!!! To take a mickey means to make fun of or poke fun.

Now that I’ve added these to my vocabulary, I think I’m ready to go back to the US and show off my new knowledge? Well, if this volcanic ash ever clears…

One thought on “Say What? – Things the British People Say…

  1. Tom F says:

    haha, its all so true.. however its ‘taking THE mickey’. It comes from cockney rhyming slang, ‘Are you taking the Mickey Bliss?’ (Are you taking the p*ss?)
    xx T

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