Flight Ban Lifted! Hooray!!!

Apologies. I meant to publish a new post about 2 weeks ago, but my Italy vacation has gotten in the way between me and the Internet access. Anywho… I am now back in the good ol’ US of A. Having experienced 5 different cities in 5 days, I magically made it back to Boston, MA safely and have been frolicking down Comm Ave. while everyone else focused on their final exam studies.

My last few weeks in London were rather hectic – a final exam, an internship tutorial paper, packing, setting up a storage space and most of all, worrying about the volcanic ash.

About a couple weeks ago I began following @guardiannews and @heathrowairport on Twitter just so I can keep up with the latest on this Ay-a-voo-loo-u-e-ah volcanic eruption madness. (Yes, I looked up how to say Eyjafjallajökull and it’s not pretty). Just a week before the end of the program, the news of the Icelandic volcano beginning to erupt, sending mushroom clouds and debris up into the atmosphere and subsequently preventing ALL flights from flying in and out of the UK exploded Twitter feeds, news websites, front page headlines and Facebook status updates.

Thousands and thousands of people were left stranded at airports while BU students sat in their South Kensington dorms panicking whether they will make their flight back home to the US this weekend. I personally sat in my room worrying whether 1. if I will indeed make it to Sicily this Sunday, 2. if I don’t, what happens? 3. if I do, can I come back to London next Friday to make my international flight back home?

After a full week of this stressful thoughts and wonders, I am now SO HAPPY to report, the blanket flight ban in the UK airspace has officially been lifted! Thank goodness! Though I have enjoyed following the Guardian live blog updates every minute and reading Heathrow’s tweets about its status, I have finally (kinda sorta not really) moved on and left my new favorite city, London.

After surviving the finals, I spent a week in Italy, traveling to Sicily, Rome and Florence. I will definitely write more in detail about my wonderful vacation this week, but for now, some “London” things I miss the most:

Hyde Park: Surprise, surprise… Right as I was leaving the cloudy/rainy city, it decided it was finally time to let some sunshine in. A picnic in Hyde Park with some good friends. Ahhhh.

[Camden, Greenwich, Portobello, etc.] Markets: Great food, cheap goods, fun people-watching spots… Need I say more? I miss walking around the markets and looking at the weirdest souvenirs or drinking the best coffee ever.

Pubs: Just an awesome place to waste a couple hours, hang out with friends, eat fish & chips, drink Guinness Extra Cold, sometimes eat fantastic Thai food and sometimes stay till close playing Clue.

The Tube and the night buses: T that stops running at 12:30 a.m. with no sufficient night transportation plans and that moves at maybe 2 miles per hour? What is that? London’s Underground and buses are definitely superior to the T in Boston.

Yes, yes. Even though I’ve been back for maybe two days, I miss London already. Don’t get me wrong; it is wonderful being back in the city where I have so many great friends. I think now I’ll just have to split my love between Boston and London.

Also, I will continue to update my blog even if I’m not in London anymore. I just have so much more to write about the UK and my time abroad!!!

PS. Surprisingly, the Globe featured a fantastic series of pictures of the Icelandic crazy volcano (if you haven’t checked it out already): http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/04/icelands_disruptive_volcano.html

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