Ciao Ciao Firenze (Italy Pt. 2)

The train ride on Eurostar from Rome to Florence took a little less than two hours – perfect for a little nap to get ready for a new city. If Sicily equates to a haven for nice local Sicilians and Rome for thousands of tourists, Florence was interestingly a mixture of both.

While we continued to encounter small and large groups of vacationers, here and there we met nice smiling faces of Italians. Once again, besides the architecture and art, FOOD definitely won my heart over yet again.

We devoured (classy, I promise) sandwiches with the freshest mozzarella, delicious gelato and fantastic lasagna. We walked around the small city, and we drank some quality wine and Italian beer. But don’t you worry, we also visited important sights and admired Michelangelo’s David.

Duomo didn’t disappoint… as you can see:

The sandwich guys… (i due fratellini) — Thanks Christina for the suggestion! Cafe Deluxee was superb as well. Why did I ever leave…

On our way to Piazza Michelangelo:

The bronze David:

The fantastic view from Piazza Michelangelo:

We also visited Dante’s house, sat on the roof of our hostel and watched sunset and enjoyed a long dinner. What a beautiful country! Italy quickly became one of my favorite countries. Even though I still don’t know much Italian – besides GRAZZIE! – exploring unfamiliar cities and subsequently discovering their best treasures made me fall in love with Sicilia, Roma and Firenze.

Till next time… Good night Italia!

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