Just Get Me to the BEACH ALREADY!

Happy Summer!!! With the start of a much-awaited summer vacation comes the stress of finding internships and jobs. Especially after a semester abroad, I have much of restore-my-bank-account mission to complete – and may I add, that needs to be done AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. In the end, despite all the cool things that come with summer – sun, beach, free time, friends, etc., sometimes the first couple weeks of summer comes down to this: (Yikes!)

(picture courtesy of washingtonjobpost.com)

Luckily, I managed to secure a part-time internship with CBS TV in Boston and a part-time office job with BU’s School of Management for weekdays. Quite sadly, though, building up the résumé and learning to be a journalist come at a high cost. Well, actually, absolutely none. My wonderful internship that I’m very much looking forward to is unpaid, which leaves me with 21 hours of actual paid work. True, it will pay my summer rent and fill up my fridge, but what about my pathetic checking account? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


For the time being, since I sit in front of my laptop for endless hours (thanks to certain boredom caused by just being home), I started looking up some part-time job opportunities. Consequently, I found some cool ways to receive suggestions and ideas for some extra sources of income.

1. BU STUDENTLINK: If you’re a BU student, just go through the Job Board & Quickie Job listings. Surprisingly BU keeps a massive list of babysitting, office assistant, gardening, tutoring and such opportunities. I am currently in contact with a nice lady looking for a babysitter. Hope it works out!

2. Twitter: Sounds silly, but if you use the hashtag and just post a little shout out for help, someone will @reply to you. i.e. “Still looking for a job in #Boston – #Babysitting, #Writing #Freelance. Ideas?” Works like magic.

3. Freelancer.com: Courtesy of an @reply tweet, I discovered this website that allows you to bid on different projects. You can choose from categories, such as WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Article Writing, Copywriting, and bid on a project you’re interested in doing. It doesn’t guarantee you that job, but at least gives you a chance to browse many freelancing jobs, and who knows, you might be that lucky winner who gets $250 to update a Twitter account.

4. Elance.com: Same idea as above. I thought Freelancer.com was a bit easier to navigate though.

5. Donanza.com: Complies all the jobs posted on Freelancer, Elance and many more of same kind. You can search for other jobs, too – Graphic Design, Brochure Design, Website Building.

Go ahead and give it a try!

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