Destination: Los Angeles

Sunshine, Warmth, Food (and lots of it, too), Drinks, Friends.

All these do a perfect job describing my week in California and Nevada. For spring break, Jack and I visited our friends in Los Angeles and spent a few days in Las Vegas. Needless to say, it was incredible.

Usually after a week of vacation anywhere, I am ready to come home. This time, however, I was actually sad to hop on the red eye back to Boston.

Los Angeles rose high above my expectations. Sure it was smoggy, but the atmosphere and the weather totally won me over.

The trip involved a lot of exercise. I left dreary Boston thinking I will be laying out on a sandy beach, doing nothing and eating nonstop. The actually itinerary, however, took me hiking, biking and a lot of walking.

First day we hiked up to the Hollywood sign and spotted two celebrities – A.J. from the Office and Ravi from the League, although I was too distracted by A.J.’s adorable golden retriever to actually notice his face. But totally understandable? Right?

After the hike, we sat down for a lovely dinner at In-N-Out. After three visits in a week, I think I can proudly say I have mastered its secret menu. Let me help you out here – especially if you have never experienced the joy of biting into In-N-Out’s delicious cheeseburger.

  • Double-Double: Yes, for the first time in my life, I ordered a double-cheeseburger. Double patties and double cheese.
  • Well-Done Fries: Meaning, extremely crispy!
  • Animal Style: On your burger OR on your fries. I actually suggest both. Carmelized onions + cheese + secret sauce.
  • Neopolitan Shake: Strawberry + Vanilla + Chocolate milkshake.

My mouth is watering just thinking about it. In general though, the food in California was absolutely incredible. I consider myself a foodie – I love food; I enjoy eating; I love trying new food.

Baja-style Mexican food matched my high expectations of Mexican cuisine in general since I grew up in TX after all. English pub we tried in Santa Monica offered one of the best fish & chips I tried in the US. Even a tiny little food shack along the beach near Manhattan Beach – owned by a nice Georgia man with his homemade chicken salad recipe – was amazing.

We also biked from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach… Long long long bike ride, but totally worth it! Sure it took all day and sure I ended up with some funny tanlines thanks to my decision to wear a blazer, but the view and simply the idea of biking right along the beach and taking in the scenery… Just, WOW.

Though LA is not a walking city, we chose the simplest mode of transportation – our legs – to see Sunset Blvd, and that wrapper up our stay in Los Angeles.

I would loooove to go back – possibly live there in the future?

(View from the Hollywood sign. Yes, it was a long hike, but totally worth it! Especially when there is a trip to in-n-out involved afterward.)

(While biking down from Santa Monica to Manhattan Beach. one day… I will be a proud owner of one of those modern, chic, fancy houses.)

(Near LAX… Alvin and the Chipmunks. Downstairs there were Sully & Mike from Monsters Inc.)

Post on VEGAS to come soon!

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