A lot of you know already, but in case you didn’t, I have officially moved to Martha’s Vineyard for a job. I already started yoojincho.tumblr.com in my brief effort to create a blog for my island living. After realizing how much I miss WordPress, however, I decided I should continue my Yooj(in)________ blog series.

It all began with Yooj(in)London when I spent a semester in London, England. Then I switched over to Yooj(in)Boston, and now, I am here, Yooj(in)VineyardHaven.

Vineyard Haven is one of six towns on Martha’s Vineyard. Luckily I found a place to live in VH, aka Tisbury, where most year-round residents live. Other towns include Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, Aquinnah – formerly known as Gay Head, West Tisbury and Chilmark.

I have officially been here for 11 days. I have been at the Martha’s Vineyard Times for 8 days as web coordinator. So far I’m enjoying and taking everything one small step at a time.

I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on my island living and post my work here as well!

ps. if anyone was wondering, my latest scoop tells me Lady Gaga is building a house on Chappaquiddick, an island within an island.

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