My Articles Thus Far

Week 1 of full-time grown-up real-life work DONE! It certainly is a strange feeling – finding my own assignments, doing my own research, editing, shooting, producing and most importantly, not anticipating that e-mail with my grade and comments.

I’m still setting up a work routine with the highest productivity and a personal routine that insures I wake up on time for a full day of reporting.

It has been an interesting change of pace, going from a daily grind of breaking news to a weekly community newspaper. Since the Times does not have a deadline of 5 p.m. newscast every single day, the work agenda moves a bit slower. For me, however, the weekly routine breaks a bit since my main role is to fill in the holes that a weekly is missing. Subsequently I have to constantly look for story ideas and produce materials, but even then, I feel like things move a bit slower here, and really, no complaints.

So. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

Hinckley’s BBQ:

Vineyard Arts Preview:

Oil Spill Response Training in Menemsha:

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