Where the Locals Go

After two-ish weeks on the Vineyard, I am slowly getting comfortable with directions and finding the “spots.” In fact, last week during my lunch break, I even gave directions to a couple of ladies who were looking for Z Burger. When you can give directions, that means you’re becoming a local, right?

Regardless… The island living certainly differs a whole lot from the city living. I still cannot believe people here leave their cars unlocked while they grocery shop, not to mention I still identify more with the mainland than with the island.

What I miss the most about Boston thus far is simply my favorite spots. The fallback places I always go to for games… The bar that all my friends and I go to every weekend… But have no fear, I’ve tried out a couple places on the Vineyard.

Sharky’s in Edgartown serves as a great game spot. I went there to watch one of the Mavs games – by the way, GO MAVS! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! – and last night, went there to watch the Bruins game.

Honestly, if any restaurant has a TX flag hanging on the wall, I am in love.

Sharky’s serves Mexican food and though I haven’t tried any yet, apparently has delicious margaritas.

The other spot I’ve discovered is the Wharf, also in Edgartown. A tiny place, but equipped with two bars and a dance area.

Other than these two, Nancy’s restaurant in Oak Bluffs seems like a good place to try in the near future. I went there on Saturday to cover the oyster shucking contest. Yes, in a search for that one bad motherShucker, fishermen, tourists and other residents stopped by for one-on-one shucking competition.

Actually, here’s my story: http://www.mvtimes.com/marthas-vineyard/article.php?id=6146

Nancy’s boasts a nice deck that overlooks the harbor – probably gorgeous sunset view in the evening.

But I know there are more places on the Vineyard that I must try, so my search continues…




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