Basement to Home

Only about a month after my initial move-in date, I finally feel like I have a home.

From a basement unit to what I would like to call my home…

Sure I still lack furniture in my living room, and I still sleep on just the mattress and no bed frame or box spring. But regardless, little touches like framed pictures, a large shoe rack and my very own puppy-print comforter set make the basement apartment so much more cozy and welcoming.

When I first moved in, I slept on an air mattress, and for about good two weeks, more than half of my clothes stayed in my suitcases. Partially my fault for loving to shop and partially the house’s fault for not having a built-in closet unit. However, two clothing racks from Amazon and a free desk later, my bedroom is… well a bedroom!

Never mind the living room because it sure is a work in progress, but the kitchen, already well-outfitted with a large bar area and spacious countertop, now boasts pictures, a coffee maker (essential) and a vase of flowers.

Take a look!

 (My fridge)


 (Area behind the bar)


 (TV… and yes, I was watching Real Housewives…)

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