Governor Deval Patrick Visits Martha’s Vineyard

As part of his Summer Conversation Tour, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made a short stop in West Tisbury.

Here to answer questions from residents and discuss his objects for the second term in a casual setting, Governor Patrick walked into Eliakim’s Way Housing Project in a flower-print short-sleeve shirt.

He talked about the importance of reducing violence among youth and improving education. For Vineyard residents, he promised to look at the housing grant the Island recently lost due to a clerical error in the application process.

Sadly the visit ended with a sudden downpour, but regardless, I was able to at least say hello and introduce myself.

Here’s my story on the MV Times.

[My personal observation]

I was honestly surprised when no one really made a big deal when Governor announced he would come to Martha’s Vineyard. In Texas, everyone knows Rick Perry and everyone loves Rick Perry. In Boston, everyone knows Deval Patrick and I’d say about 85% of the people love Deval Patrick. So on the Vineyard, when people actually demonstrated rather negative response to his visit, I was shocked.

Either way, I am personally glad I got to see him speak. Now I know what an important speaking event is like, how it’s run and what I should do as the press.

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