Where Did August Go?

Anyone? Can anyone tell me where in the world August disappeared to?

While waiting for the answer, I shall just sit here and stare at my calendar that tells me today is August 24. I simply can’t believe it. I feel like I graduated just about a week ago. In reality, three months flew by since I walked across the stage for my diploma.

This summer, a lot has changed. I am now officially a college graduate, employed and independent (?). Making my own money, paying my own bills and driving my own car.

I’m also learning a lot. Besides the obvious of cooking for myself, multitasking and balancing time between work and free time, I’m basically learning to be a journalist.

Especially in such a tight-knit community where everyone knows one another, blending in and “getting the scoop” pose the biggest challenges. The Islanders all went to the same high school (the one and only high school on the Island, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School) and frankly, they either return after college or stay here forever.

Surprisingly though, most people I approached for reactions didn’t resist. They were more than happy to help and be part of my stories.

Moreover, during the season my story list overflows with events, fundraisers, visitors and high-profile guests (cough, the President, cough). Though in July I did question my decision to move here, but now that I’ve realized all journalists started somewhere and small markets in a way mean the rite of passage, I’m content.

Who knows, all that may change come November, but so far, I have wonderful memories and clips. Harry Potter midnight showing… Stanley Cup’s visit to the Island… Coast Guard’s rescue boat… Sailing on Juno for Vineyard Cup… Lobster dinner that came with a story coverage… Monster Shark Tournament… and last but not least, the First Family’s vacation and a chance to be part of the prestigious White House Press Corps for a day.




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