Some lingering thoughts this week – August 31, 2017

Yeah okay. The headline may be slightly misleading since I am dipping back into LAST week thoughts as well. Bear with me though. I am still trying my best to do a much better job with blogging.

So what I’m thinking about this week…

1. We start with solar eclipse.

Today, we turn the time back to almost two weeks ago, Monday, August 21st. The day of the Great American Eclipse! And rather than keeping you in suspense…

Our friend Caroline captured that time lapse video on her phone. While it is difficult to fully capture what we saw, felt and experienced, I think that’s is one of the most descriptive presentations of total solar eclipse. 

It began at a turtle pace just after 1 pm in Greenville, SC. When we first looked up – using our certified, protective solar eclipse glasses of course – we noticed a tiny little sliver of the sun looking as if just a little bit of a dark grey dot is stuck on the top right corner. 

Once we hit 1:30, then we really started noticing a difference. At this stage, it was fascinating to see different shadow cast on the ground. When you crisscross your fingers, normally you would see squares on the shadow, but check it out! They are little crescents instead. 

Then inching closer to 2:38p. Total soclar eclipse! 

I can’t describe in words the eerie every feeling we felt. It did get darker. But not like a sunset. It was more like when you know in movies something terrible happening is imminent because it’s suddenly getting darker and colder. Yes, it was true! When scientists tell you the temperature drops during a total solar eclipse, yes, yes it does. 

Then the seconds leading up to the totality were simply breathtaking. A crescendo of ooh-ing and ah-ing from everyone around you. Then seeing the “diamond ring” when the moon is almost completely covering the sun. Then the corona of the sun. 

All I can say now is – 2024 eclipse, here I come! 

2. We do a 180 here… a shocking exposure to casual racism.

I’m not sure if this requires any scene-setting explanation or description, other than to post my tweet that got thousands of retweets.

You hear a man using a racial slur to describe MLK Jr.

Now, a full disclosure. I did NOT know that was the content of that tweet until my phone started going into an overdrive mode with twitter notifications! 

I recorded several clips on my phone during that interview. While rushing to get a preview looklive done and head into the courtroom, I picked a video at RANDOM to tweet. Of course the one I tap without listening to it is that video. 


I’m saddened this kind of racism continues to exist. That’s all. 

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