What I’m keeping close to my heart this week – Aug. 18

Off to a strong start! Just one day after publishing my first post in forever, I am actually following up with this second post in two days. 

I’m still working on what to call these weekly updates, but here’s what I thought of for now. 

What I’m keeping close to my heart this week.

1. My birthday!

I had to work on my actual birthday, but we still made the best out of it and went out to dinner here in Charlotte. 

After work obligations, we drove out to Asheville. Definitely a gem of a city in western North Carolina! 

The first night, we saw Waxahatchee at the Grey Eagle and ended the night with a night cap of tater tots smothered in cheese at the Vault. (Hey, we were hungry!)

We stayed at a dog-friendly Airbnb, so our Dobby Dog tagged along for just about everywhere we went. So thankful for a dog-friendly city! Most patios in Asheville welcome well-behaved doggos with open arms. While we sometimes question Dobby’s “good behavior,” he’s pretty good 85% of the time. Minimal begging and minimal barking.

Whenever we come back from a trip, I’m always amazed at ourselves. We eat so much. But who can refuse good food? We’re so glad we were able to try 12 Bones, Rhubarb and Sunny Point Cafe this time. Of course, Asheville being Asheville, that’s just a fraction of all the drool-worthy grub options out there. But I gotta say, we did pretty well! 

2. Dogs! (And friends)

Our good friend brought her dogs out to my liveshot location today. And look how adorable one of her pups is!

Especially since tomorrow is “clear the shelter” day at many animal shelters across the country, it just reminded me how lucky we’re to have these ever-loving creatures.

3. People I’ve met; my experiences

And the goodness of dogs leads me to this – how blessed I am to have had opportunities to attend a global educational institution like Boston University and subsequently meet so many amazing people from different countries, backgrounds and circumstances.

I don’t need to re-hash what happened in Charlottesville this past weekend, nor do I need to mention why neo-nazism and white supremacy shouldn’t have a place in our society.

Instead, I just want to express my gratitude for people who appreciate diversity and embrace diversity.

Much like how dogs can be ever-loving, I believe we humans can be ever-loving as well.

(Bonus Dobby pic)

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