Blog Revival!

Yes! You heard it right. (And, yes, I realize my last two posts both said ‘I promise to write more here, yet YEARS went by without me doing anything. I have no one else to blame but me, obviously).


That’s why I’m hoping I can try something new to keep myself accountable, and once again dedicated, to my Yooj(in)______ page.

We’ve gone from Yooj(in)Boston to London to Martha’s Vineyard to western MA to now, Charlotte. 

I don’t know where the time has gone, but here we are, in 2017. I’ve been in Charlotte for more than 2 years already. I regret not having been able to document all the great adventures and experiences I’ve had here thus far.

So I’m taking this from some podcasts I listen to often – Pop Culture Happy Hour and NPR Politics Podcast. They have segments at the end of their podcasts “what’s making me happy this week” or “what you can’t let go of.” The hosts and guests talk about one thing that’s making them happy or one thing they can’t stop thinking about. 

I thought doing something like that would 1. really hold me to writing a post each and every week and 2. a great way to recap my weeks. 

Here’s a little preview of what will be included in this week’s post that I will write tomorrow or over the weekend. Each week, I’ll write about 2-5 items, articles, life events, food items, etc. that I’m loving or thinking about. 

I’m looking forward to this revival and hope you are too!

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